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IntimatesTuesday, August 21 2012



Cos bra and panties

You must meet my friend Emily. Now, before you think I am one of those weird freaks who christens their garments (no offence, but that is just squeamishly cringe) let me just point you in the right direction: Emily is a writer. A controversial one at that. She likes to stir up shit. Her compelling reads are both piss-yourself funny and unabashedly, oh-so-refreshingly candid. How is this relevant to caption a lingerie still-life you might wonder? Well you see, Emily and I spent many a tweet yesterday pondering over a rather, erm, dubious quote that we came across in a Guardian article exploring modern society’s obsessive relationship with cosmetic surgery.

Cosmo former editor, the late Helen Gurley Brown shared the following: “Self-help,” she said to Nora Ephron, explaining the methods she used to improve her flaws. “I wish there were better words, but that is my whole credo. You cannot sit around like a cupcake asking other people to come and eat you up and discover your great sweetness and charm. You’ve got to make yourself more cupcakable all the time so you’re a better cupcake to be gobbled up.”

-“I don’t want to speak ill of dead people but was this woman on drugs!?”, tweets my friend.
@CuriousEmily, you took the words right out of my mouth.

The idea that cosmetic surgery is not only acceptable – but rather vital for every women, so that she may attain absolute ‘cupcakableness’ (seriously, what was this woman thinking? Metaphor-block much? Sounds like she had about as much wit as a bloody cupcake) is so twisted it makes my bones quiver. Fear not my cupcake-striving friends, apparently we can all be beautiful if only we are prepared to stick a knife and a needle in it. What a relief. I immediately tweeted back to inform that a recent boob shrinkage on my end has me (almost) signing up for implants. The cause seems to be a shortage in lady drugs pumping through my body (aka I have come off the pill) (TMI) (don’t get any funny ideas mind) (hum, and recent baby name tweets are un-connected) (hope the boy isn’t reading this). I digress.

Point is boobs have gone from being rather small to being pretty much miniature, which is not something I was bargaining for as a 25th birthday treat. But you see I have found the solution. I really only had two choices anyway. It was between using a couple of the effin’ cupcakes to pad out the old (baggy) lingerie, or go and splurge on new intimates that would a. fit, b. bring sexy back and c. take a stand against self-hatred. Retail therapy at its very best.

The lilac-trimmed, soft grey-lace ensemble in question is by COS … and rather beautiful it is too.

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  • See, and I'm jealous. 'Cause with boobs my size I could never wear cute lingerie like this :p

    And I love this post – cupcakableness haha, really really? 🙂


  • great read 😀

    I am the opposite, a 30E and sometimes I am super jealous of the more petite boobed ladies as there are so many trends over the last couple of years that flatter this look, that can make us big tittied girls look frumpy.


  • nononononono surgery thanks, even if I only have a 32A would not change it to be annoyed when running or when sleeping on my belly. No thanks, I really don't think I need it.
    Lovely underwear, impecable taste for your lingerie too.
    I'm sure I'd like Emily.


  • J'aime beaucoup la "métaphore" du cupcake ! Cette banalisation de la chirurgie, on la retrouve de plus en plus de manière insidieuse même dans les magazines français… qui prônait 6 mois auparavant la beauté naturelle (c'est un peu bipolaire tout ça !).

    Dans tous les cas, je n'ai pas énormément de poitrine non plus, mais n'oublie pas que nous pouvons:
    Рna pas porter de soutien-gorge sous ses t-shirts ou robes sans parątre vulgaire
    Рporter des hauts transparents avec un joli soutien-gorge en-dessous sans ameuter tous les m̢les aux alentours
    – laisser dépasser son joli soutien-gorge d'une chemise, négligemment, sans que personne n'y trouve à redire
    Рprofiter de lingerie sans armatures et ne pas avoir de probl̬me de maintien

    Bref, je milite pour que les petites poitrines soient à nouveau valorisées !

    Bonne journée 😉

  • I'm searching for a bra like this for such a long time!

  • ohhhhh love those!!!! 🙂 they´re really sweet and sexy! 😉 xo, Alma

  • I wish my boobs would shrink, as it is I'll probably be tucking 'em in my socks by thirty! Haha. That "cupcake" business is ridiculous, I haven't got a problem with cosmetic surgery if it genuinely makes someone feel better, but it needs to be more regulated – and nobody should be encouraging anyone to have it just as a matter of course; too many girls are having stupid balloons stuck in their chest as it is. Ageing happens, man! Who wants to looks like a creepy, stretched out, plumped up, faux twenty-something when they're sixty odd?! Rant over. Lovely set! x

  • Totally disagree with that quote aswell ! and like you say, there are other ways to be more " attractive" . Love this COS underwear !
    new outfit post

  • nice blog ;)

  • They are adorable! 😀
    P.S. Ypur Blog is amazing, love all posts!

  • Anonymous

    like this a lot…!!!

  • very pretty 🙂

  • your style is unique. im really fascinated! i follow you

  • So pretty and so cute! <3


  • Great post, these look absolutely amazing.

    Jo. x

  • oh that happens to me too when i come off the pill – what a nightmare! pretty lace underwear saves the day though!
    lovely blog by the way
    Mary x

  • Gorgeous, I loooove underwear like this! Not for me though, I need pads in my bra haha. So curious of how your first day at your amazingly jealous-making new job is! We haven't planned London yet by the way, unexpectedly joining my parents to Tuscany the last 2 weeks of September so I guess it will be October/November but we're def. coming, can't wait!

  • Oh my it's so so pretty, too refined to be suitable for a cupcake but I would imagine that's not really your look anyway! Beautiful.

    ♥ ThankFifi

  • :))) Cool lingerie , love your point of view 🙂

  • Looks so sweet!:)

  • Dear Camille, I have been following you for some time and although I have noticed your smart writing skills since I read the first line, over the past few days I have been blown away by your talent. I hope you will continue writing longer blog posts as you have been lately because it is really a pleasure seeing and reading you. All the best xx

    • Dear Marta,

      thanks so much for your kind words. It was always an issue of whether content would take precedence over writing in both languages and it seems like the former has won the battle. I always wanted to write in both English and French so as not to alienate my homeland readers, but I am finding this both overwhelming in terms of time constraints, and detrimental to the quality of my posts. Also, it does make a big difference when I actually have a meaningful message to deliver (rather than the usual check out whats new small talk.
      Glad you like

    • Je me permets de commenter cette partie de commentaire car ce que Marta t'a écrit est tellement vrai ! Je ne te laisse pas forcément des commentaires à chacun de tes articles mais j'adore les lire ! Tu écris divinement bien, ta syntaxe est juste à couper le souffle !

      En tout cas, j'espère que tu pourras reprendre tes écrits aussi en français car il m'arrive de ne pas tout comprendre ce que tu écris en anglais. Ha mon niveau d'anglais est loin d'être bon. Heureusement que google traduction est là pour m'aider !

      Plein de bonnes choses pour toi Camille, tu le mérites amplement 🙂

      Belle soirée, bises.

  • haha jai les meme! love them xxx

  • beautiful!


  • Anonymous

    This is the best thing i have read in so long. Thank you! so much love x

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