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Off-dutyTuesday, August 14 2012

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Given that I’m too tanned to pull off anything approaching a chic demeanour, the complete opposite is the only way forward. Not trashy per se, more of a yours truly off-duty kinda-look. They say don’t draw attention to the fly on the wall (or do they? might have made that one up) .. well watch me turn that fly into an oversized mammal. You see we meet today with hair that hasn’t seen a brush in days, a makeup-free complexion (not something I was planning on putting you through, believe me, but inadvertently left my whole make-up bag on the bus yesterday, and have neither the time/cash flow/patience to replace its contents), and a pair of slouchy joggers labelled ‘for men’. Yet I’m hoping the statement neck piece, ‘arm-and-a-leg’ sneaks and gold bling are sufficiently enticing as to render the ensemble if not alluring at least casually endearing. Your vote. So where are we going with this? Metaphorically nowhere much, though the train about to pull up in the station is going to Wales .. which will be my home for the next few days. Could actually explain a lot, right?


Jogging, baskets, débardeur…mal peignée et sans maquillage (j’ai malencontreusement laissé ma trousse de maquillage le bus hier et n’ai ni les sous, ni la patience pour racheter son contenu). Camille off-duty quoi. En route pour quelques jours au Pays de Galles en famille, je ne vois pas pourquoi mon attirail ‘pour trainer’ ne connaitrait pas lui aussi son heure de gloire. Quelle chance que le sporstwear soit ‘in’, n’est ce pas?!


Tank: Zara

Slouchy joggers: American Vintage (get here or here)

Sneakers: Isabel Marant (or in brown)

Bag: Prada

Watch: MK

Necklace: Moxham

Shades: H&M

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