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PixelatedThursday, August 23 2012


Today I endorse oversized wear – yes, but also XL pixels. Seems like the old camera was feeling left out from all the fall 2012 action, and decided to join the party. Either that or the photographer was drunk (‘was not’, he protests over my shoulder – ‘mildly jolly, if that!’). Fear not, I will get them both to behave next time round. Meanwhile, in anticipation of coat-worthy weather let us salute a more simple rendition of the oversized trend we all seem to be lusting over at the moment: ripped boyfriend denim (an unadulterated classic that hardly even qualifies as a trend at this point), white wedged-sneaks with just a hint of boyishness (ditto), aaaand (here comes the show stopper) Zara’s latest leather offering which almost had me ripping my eyes out with envy and heartbreak considering its heart-stopping-eye-watering-kleenex-reaching price tag. The devil’s advocate inside me had left it for dead in the store in protest of Zara aiming so far south of the belt (speaking of below the belt, did you catch the royal ass making, ahem, a royal ass of himself yesterday? – G’on then, give it a google. You know you want to!). Here was probably one of the sleekest, chicest, trendiest, must-have-in-my-closet pieces I have ever come across in Zara’s high impact collections. Yet when I saw the price, I almost had to lie down there and then in the shop to recover. A wise person once said ’twas the hybrid shop for the girl with just one dollar to stretch to couture. And 250 quid-a-pop jackets are everything but that. So I left, with a dent in my heart and a grubby back. Then, came the holidays and a sunny trip to Lisboa with la famille. And wouldn’t you know it said jacket was 30% cheaper – believe me, I did the maths my dad did the maths. So it came home to London. I had to have it. All is right in the world. Besides the fact that my hair needs a trim. But that’s a whole different story.

BOYFRIEND JEANS: ZARA (similar here)
BAG: CELINE (or in beige and khaki here)

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  • you look incredible! you are a very beautiful girl

    i have a new look

  • Perfection. Love each item of this outfit!

  • Love it, from head to toe !
    new outfit post

  • Like the rolled up jeans teamed with Betty sneakers !

  • simple mais efficace ♥

  • love the bag xx

  • J'adore ce look chic tout en étant casual ! J'ai repéré ce même perfecto chez Sandro et je me tâte à le prendre… !

    Belle journée, bises.

  • Beautiful outfit, love your jacket and that bag…I need that bag 😀 <3!!!

  • ELA

    I like your jacket and bag – Celine, aaaaaah…
    PS: I´m your new follower. 🙂
    Bye, Ela

    • cool, welcome then 🙂 cx

  • This is one the marvels we have here in Lisbon.
    There is sun, sea, best freshest fish on earth… and a permanent 30% discount at Zara!

    • I know! Am DEFINITELY making it an anual trip haha. Love the city and its beauty as well. And my oh my THE FISH. Yes definitely an annual trip.
      🙂 Cx

  • ton style est dément! j'adore! et tes pièces sont sublimes…

  • I love your jacket compared with the jeans so much!

  • Anonymous

    Pourquoi seulement en anglais..? Bonne journée 🙂

    • Je suis désolé – comme je l'ai indiqué sur facebook j'ai commencé mon nouveau travail cette semaine. Je ne suis donc plus freelance et (en particulier cette semaine parce que je commence tout juste) n'ai pas eu le temps de bosser mes articles dans les deux langues. La traduction est un travail fastidieux et je refuse de publier des textes baclés.. c'etait donc un choix entre ne pas publier du tout cette semaine, ou m'en tenir seulement a l'anglais. J'espere réussir a mieux m'organiser la semaine pro 🙂
      J'espere que le look plait quand meme.
      Gros bisous
      Camille x

  • Anonymous

    Seulement en anglais ? 🙁

    • voir ci-dessus – désolé 🙁 x

  • Please can I have your bag?!?

  • I really love your jeans! 🙂

  • Love the way you sport those jeans and sneakers!! xo, Alma

  • Another amazing outfit! And yayyy for the jacket going on sale!! I always try to wait to see if things go on sale before buying them full price, but then that sometimes bites you in the butt when it sells out…

    • It was not 'on sale' per se… just so happens Zara as a whole is 30% cheeper in Lisnon that it is in France or the UK for instance. A lucky find! This is new season so its not sold out yet.

  • Essentials, paired, perfect!

  • superbe veste en cuir quite va très bien ! et oui tu as découvert qu'au Portugal Zara est 30% moins chèr, je fais le plein chaque année ! xx

  • those jeans are awesome..i love how you styled them 🙂

  • Just bought those sneakers a few days ago, I´m in love! And you styled them very well! <3


  • Super tenue !! C'est vrai qu'il est vraiment beau ce perfecto.

    bises <3

  • Lou

    Super-super-super-nice !!! Cette veste est définitivement canon, et puis avec le jeans défoncé et les compensées IM… C'est très réussi !

  • You look very stylish! I love wearing boyfriend jeans lately:)

    Stories and Sequins

  • J'adooooore


  • I really love this look!! 🙂