Camille Over the Rainbow

The rise of oversizedWednesday, August 22 2012

(in order of appearance: Styleby, Magazine #11 – Harper’s Baazar US, September 2012 -Vogue Russia, September 2012 – Styleby, Magazine #11 – Vogue Paris, September 2012 – Vogue GB, July 2012)

Minimal, clean-cut, XL proportions have taken over the pages of our go-to glossies this month. One would almost be forgiven for thinking that these six silhouettes all encapsulate the one shoot … that I have taken upon myself to baptise ‘the rise of the oversized‘ – but feel free to dub as you please. Fall 2012’s layered, voluminous simplicity has already become a favourite of mine, and I haven’t even shed the tan yet. And so, I hereby declare the search for the perfect drop-shouldered above and beyond normal proportions tailored coat open. Ideas on a postcard please. So far, favourites include bath robe look-alikes, commanding military blazers, and outsized cocoon zip-ups. In the meantime, the boyfriend might find that some of his own outerwear has gone amiss ..