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This don’t make me a sportsman..Monday, August 20 2012


Self-induced sportiness is not something I enjoy putting myself through – unless the activity in question primarily consists of mixing athletic and aesthetic in a mean sartorial cocktail that is. Cue outfit of the day. Mind you, despite the unmistakable increase in sporty accents on the catwalk this fall, it seems to me that fashion and sport are still worlds apart. Sure, they brought in the big boys girls for our Damien Hirst Union flag-clad closing ceremony (though all I recall from that night is spamming my twitter feed with pre, live, and post Spice Girl mania). But did the fleeting, golden-hued catwalk happening really come into its own amidst the celebration of athletic achievement and British culture ?

Personally -and to stick to Olympics lexicon – I felt so called #TeamSupermodel was a giant belly flop. And despite the likes of Susie Bubble etc arguing that despite it all, for those involved, and the British Fashion industry as a whole, this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, a truly unique event and, well, unparalleled free(ish) publicity for the chosen seven (Vivienne Westwood, Paul Smith, Victoria Beckham, Erdem, Christopher Kane, Jonathan Saunders, and Alexander McQueen), I can’t help but feel that it is episodes like these that give fashion a bad name…

Let me elaborate. To an industry outsider the seven names wouldn’t necessarily ring a bell (that is if they could even make them out – my hearing aid must’ve run out of battery since I sure as hell missed at least three of them). This reinforces the ‘private club’ mentality that fashion atheists resent so. To them, us ‘fashion people’ know all about this avant-garde shit that is going on, and by the time they get to grips with whatever that may be, ‘whatever’ will be ‘so last fall darling’. Maddening I’m sure. As Anna Wintour so bluntly puts it in the opening line of documentary ‘The September Issue’: “On the whole, people that say demeaning things about our world – I think that’s usually because they feel in some ways excluded or not part of the cool group, so as a result they just mock it.” After two weeks of Britain coming together, living and breathing at the same rhythm of its athletes, it seems almost a shame to burst the bubble. But more to the point the interlude seemed completely out of context (save for Bowie belting out ‘Fashion’), and (though I hate to say it) almost too high-end and one dimensional to fit in with the games’ emotionally-charged atmosphere.

Admittedly, the sparkling gowns and pouting models looked absolutely spectacular (gold goes to Jonathan Saunder’s column silhouette, complete with feathery Stephen Jones headpiece, as adorned by Jourdan Dunn), but it wasn’t until I was able to take a proper look in Vogue’s September Issue that the true craftsmanship behind the bespoke pieces could be properly appreciated and admired. I’m just not sure how many non-fashionistas will be purchasing their own copy. Or maybe I’m wrong and I’m just being a cynical bigot, but the whole thing just reminded me about something Tom Ford said during his conversation with Grazia’s Paula Reed. While discussing his stance of having top secret shows (y’a know camera-less, tweet-less, highly exclusive don’t-leak-anything-to-the-press-on-pain-of-death): I decided not to do runway shows, because when you do a runway show you have to amp things up in a way so that they read from a great distance…” So it could be that the stadiums, so perfect an arena for physical displays of perfection fall flat when it comes to fashion catwalking… The execution, a concept so close to the heart of the athletes, was just missing.

Thus, and to conclude this extensive (and slightly belated) post about the games, let me just emphasise, as my eponymous article suggests, that though the gear don’t make me a runner … I do like the game. And on that ambiguous note, I bid you farewell for the day.
ps – once again, please forgive the ‘glowing’ face. I am still makeup-less after bus incident, and heatwave is proving to be the perfect excuse for leaving the house ‘naked’.

White blazer: Zara (old – similar here)
Studded top: Zara
Leather shorts: Maje (identical pair here)
Runners: New Balance
Ring: Cooee Design
Shades: Rayban
Bag: Celine (finally available online)


  • Agreed, I didn't think the fashion part was executed that well. I watched it with my family and I was the only one who had any idea who the designers were.

    Love that Zara top, they are killing it this season

    Loes x

  • Love your glowing face actually. And my goddd, your legs – I'm SO jealous.

    Great look and great writing 🙂 X

  • someone likes her white nail polish lately! and that blazer is to die for!
    Agree about the closing of the Olympics, none of my friends had any idea of what was going on or who the designers were.


    • too right I am!! Also, lost my two other staple colours (rouge noir and morange) along with the makeup bag… xx

  • Perfect 🙂 Love your look today <3

  • Superbe!

  • Vraiment parfait !

  • You look beautiful. Love your shorts and how you've styled the whole outfit.

    Jo. x

  • such an unexpected footwear but i love it!


    Fashion Fractions

  • i love this outfit, i seriously just want those shorts (and your legs haha)

    Mel xx

  • Love the read, and look is perfect


  • Wonderful look, love it!

  • The dresses were beautiful, but you have a very valid point. I would tackle you for that Celine bag (why so beautiful and expensive?! Wah)! x

  • I love the shorts & the sneakers! lovely outfit

  • First, you look amazing, and second: wow, you really put that so perfectly. For those of us outside the fashion world that few minutes meant nothing. It was just girls walking around in dresses. You are quite the talented writer 🙂

  • Very thoughtful piece, and I'm sad to admit that I agree. I had such high hopes for a wowing fashion piece, but I think we were all left disappointed. Which is a real shame. I think the music choice was cheesy, and don't get me wrong I love a bit of Bowie, but it seemed like the organisers thought the only way to convey their message was to use a song which is so literal. As if the general public wouldn't understand that this was a fashion piece without the obvious music.

    I think it is a real shame that it was so lacklustre but I think they were probably forced to tone it down, and try and keep it friendly to the masses. I agree that a lot of people mock what they don't understand, but I for one would never do the same. I wouldn't ever hope to understand Formula One for instance, be good for you if that's what you enjoy. I think overall I'm just glad that something I'm passionate about (besides the Spice Girls) was included in such a momentous event.

  • such an amazing outfit! really like the blazer and shorts and I like how mixed sporty with chic!

  • really nice darling 🙂

  • Incredible to see you can amazingly wear flat sneakers and still look cool !

  • super cool combi. love it

  • I am afraid that although I enjoyed the 5 minutes of glamour the execution was indeed somewhat lost in translation of distance

    Love your look today though and the blazer takes it up a notch

    ♥ ThankFifi

  • Classe le blazer blanc!!! Bisous, bonne soirée!

  • Cool look, love those sneakers on you and nice combination with the leather shorts! Hope you've had a great first day at Net-a-porter 😉

  • Great look ! Would love to wear this myself
    new outfit post

  • Arrêtes d'être parfaite! 😉

  • i love your shorts and the bag! such a classic and cool look!

  • J'adore ton short en cuir! et ton sac <3 <3 <3 ! tu es sublime!

  • Lou

    Tu es magnifique avec ce short en cuir et cette veste blanche !

  • love the moon ring, you have new followers !!!!

  • Can't get enough of those shorts on you, love them with your NB!

  • Love this outfit! Especially those incredible shorts!
    If you want, check out my blog:
    xoxo Anna 🙂

  • you are such an inspiration <3

  • Those shorts are fab!

  • love your bag!
    i heard about your blog via H&M and i really like it!

    xoxo milla

  • Anonymous

    frais et decontrate mais en meme temps super chic !j adore ce look !

  • Anonymous

    Toujours aussi parfaite & élégante! Tu as cessé de traduire tes post en français définitivement?
    Je t'embrasse!!!

  • je suis fan et surtout des baskets c'est dément avec cette tenue !

  • Looooove those shorts.

  • which model of New Balance have u got?