Camille Over the Rainbow

Playing it fast and looseMonday, September 10 2012



I call this one pre-fashion week laziness. As we are all very much aware I’m sure, Thursday will kick-start the whirlwind of skilful layering, and statement sartorialism across the city, and here is moi, days (hours really) before the tornado, wearing the easiest outfit on the block. Even the ever recurring it-bag is nowhere to be seen. Not gonna lie, am feeling slightly on edge about Somerset House central being open for business again (has it really been 6 months?). You see, the boy and I moved into our new place this weekend and most of my clothes are yet to be unpacked. I know what you’re gonna say, and I hear ya, truly I do. Boxy is in yes, and though I do respect MMM’s dedication to exaggerated deconstruction more than words can express, somehow conceptual attire might not work so well if it is executed in such a literal manner (me wearing a ‘handy move‘ box that is). As usual, I digress, and fortunately for all involved I still have a few days to recover my most impressionable fashion gear from the trenches of a removal van. Point here is, this outfit has nothing to say for itself. No fancy frills to hide behind. No passing wink to a previous show. It’s distressed denim of the short sort. A white top. And All stars. Why am I not practising you ask? Pah. I laugh in the face of danger. Playing it (a little too) fast and (a little too) loose so close to showtime is how I roll. I like to live on the edge ..


Leather jacket: Zara Studio (similar here)
Denim skirt: Bel Air
White tee: Zara
Sneakers: All Stars