Camille Over the Rainbow

Acne PapersMonday, October 22 2012







The latest of Acne Papers really is something else. For its biggest issue to-date, the bi-annual magazine has dedicated itself entirely to Manhattan. The anti-glossy delves into the heart of the city, filling its (272) pages with portraits of notable New-Yorkers and mesmerizing shots of the big apple. But myfavorite has got to be the fashion story by Roe Ethridge, who has captured Karlie Kloss in a monochrome representation of urban style, with timeless touches of oldHollywoodglamour here and there (see the Breakfast at Tiffany’s inspired looks). The styling – by Marie Chaix- is what inspired me to wear my funnel neck the way I did this weekend: up-right, hair tucked-in, with an almost futuristic feel to it. And the oversized silhouettes of boxy jackets andsoberclutcheshave only further sparked my love of ultra-minimalisticXXL. Predictable, I may be, but this editorial is not. Amazing.