Camille Over the Rainbow

Berry ripeThursday, October 25 2012



Hopefully this will be the last in the poor quality pixel series you have been made to endure as of late. Bear with me, I should be picking-up my new camera this weekend (any tips on what to get obviously highly welcome by the way). With a bit of luck, you will be almost as excited about this than I am, as it implies more regular outfit posts, as opposed to one or two dodgy snapshots like this – if I stop looking like a dog about to be given his bath, that is (this is a metaphor for my worrieddemeanorin case you are wondering). In my defense, I was still rather under the weather when I took the shots on Monday. Fortunately, the berry ripe (p)leather pants just about elevate the look and make the whole thing bearable. Or so I hope..

I’m wearing a Zara studio drop-waist coat, Monki burgundy pants, a Topshop boutique knit (or here), and cut-out pumps by Zara (old but try here and here). Myjewelleryis by COS and my bag is the usual suspect by Celine.