Camille Over the Rainbow

Not-so-catchy catchphraseSunday, October 7 2012


I’m so bored of upcoming trends being brought to our attention using the same old not-so-catchy catchphrases. You know the one I’m referring to – how could you not? It is, of course the ever-recurring: ‘[Insert cool new trend] is the new [insert passé trend getting the boot]’. Variations around it are wildly extensive, yet invariably identical. More often than not, the conveyer announces that hue of the season will be replacing the ever pervasive pigment that is black (e.g. [khaki] is the new [black]). I find this particularly annoying since, let’s face it, no colour will ever overthrow black. Black will always be black, and there is a good chance it will remain our fail-safe go-to hue for decades to come. Which leads us to the second variation. The talented wordsmith(s) who (regularly) come up with this pleonasm might want to realise that [black] is the new [black] (!) is probably the most drained quip in the history of fashion puns. But even that is not as bad as the unstoppable proliferation of every single noun used to describe a garment being called in to take part. [Fur] is the new [leather], [polka dots] are the new [stripe], [runners] are the new [stiletto]…

And so it goes on, round and round, in a vicious circle of trends and letters. And why am I ranting about this on a sunny Sunday morning? Simply because I can is the answer. Well actually it’s because when I came across these beautiful plaid trousers on AVENUE 32 (which by the way is the best place to head-to if you are looking for emerging talent and exciting new pieces for your wardrobe that have not be overexposed to the point of comicality – Kenzo sweatshirt anyone?) two things came to mind. The first was that I realised just how many checks I have spotted recently, both on and off the runway. And I want in. The second is that if I start reading that checks are the new florals, however true this may be SO. HELP. ME. GOD. Now if you will excuse me, I’m off for brunch as I’m told it is the new … – but you don’t need me to tell you that now, do you?

From top left, clockwise: Cutler and Gross round sunnies, Thakoon Addition plaid trousers (Asos have a great alternative here), off-white jumper by Felipe Oliveira Baptista, pony braided pouch by Wendy Nichol, monk strap ankle boots by 3.1 Phillip Lim, and leather top by Maje.