Camille Over the Rainbow

Semi-cladMonday, October 29 2012




Naked limbs on the 29th of October? in Blighty? Really?! Seems to me that after two years of living in England, I have finally fulfilled my longstanding dream: I no longer feel the cold like a French girl. Bare is, alas, the chicest way to wear your legs in the fall, but until now I have merely applauded with gusto – and from afar – the courage of those who leave their trousers at home come October. OK, that is a lie. I spent the better half of my first year here complaining loudly about howinappropriatelyEnglish girlsdress as a general rule during the colder months. Jealousy can make you bitter. I am not proud of my doings, and won’t judge if you, in turn, judge me. Nonetheless, balancing volumes has always been a favourite sartorial cocktail of mine, and I must say,the (bare-)leggy mini x quilted bomber combo is quite the match made in heaven. So as I join the semi-clad-for-fall club, it is with anew-foundspring in my step that I get to show off the aforementionedjacket in action. Let’s see how long I last – the boy has given me a week.

I’m wearing a Carin Wester silk bomber (find similar here, hereand here). Mini skirt and bootsare by Zara. The angora knit is by Topshop, the ring is Cooee, and the bag is Celine.