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Dare to bareWednesday, October 3 2012



No doubt you have been doing it for years now, but the ‘dare to bare’ roll-up is not something that I attempt on a regular basis. Not because I don’t think it looks chic, clearly (uh uh) it does. No, the reason is more one of execution. You see, some people -those who are born with style in their blood- make it look so easy. These people arethe same [annoying] few who can drape a jacket without looking like a helicopter, or casually weartheir tee ‘tucked/untucked’ without it seeming overplayed. Well, let me tell you, I am not part of the club. Andusually when Itry to pull off’the roll-up’, I invariablyend up looking like I’m just off clam fishing. So when it does work, the need to immortalise is very strong.Therefore I got the camera out and did just that. It was, to coin a nifty phrase,a one-off show-off. Toodles.

I’m wearing Zara skinny jeans and Zara Studio plexi heels.

  • I've tried the tucked/untucked look in the mirror so many times but I always end up looking like a prat! Usually you can style it like that well enough for a photo but to wear out of the house… no. I'll just never have that style.

  • Wow! I live that heels so much!

  • Great shot and love the rolled up jeans with those heels!

  • Love those heels


  • J'ai la sensation que le "roulage de pantalon" est véritablement inné.

  • Excellent roll-up – congrats 😉 The worst roll up is when it starts out looking good and by the time I'm home after work I look like one of those bike riders with one short leg vs one long leg – and I don't even know until I'm home. Oh well we can but try…

    ♥ ThankFifi

  • looove the heels!!

  • i love these heels so much…


  • Those heels are awesome!!

  • The shoes are so pretty, love it!

  • I'm so sad my plexi heels didn't survive…

  • I absolutely love those shoes and I have to admit that I'm a fan of the roll-up look to the point where I tend to wear my jeans like that way more often than I should!

  • oeeh real love for this beautiful shoes ! xo anouk follow eachother ?

  • ahh i am in love with those shoes! too bad i missed them at the shop!

  • J'allais t'écrire en Anglais mais non tu me sauves, tu es francaise :)! Je commente enfin ton blog que je suis depuis pas mal de temps mnt! Fière d'avoir une une si belle blogueuse francaise comme toi! C'est dommage que tu ne traduises plus car j'avoue avoir encore un peu de mal avec l'Anglais..
    Je viens de me creer un blog et je voudrais vraiment avoir ton avis 🙂 ! J'espère que ton blog continueras encore lgtmps…Ton style est a tomber
    Je t'embrasse, Morgane

  • You're so right, flaunt those ankles! I do feel like you should be a bit nicer for yourself though, when I saw you in Lisbon wearing just jeans shorts and a white top you looked stunning, so I do feel like it comes quite natural for you!