Camille Over the Rainbow

The Boyfriend and the PeaTuesday, October 23 2012


On Sunday our newneighboursinvited us round for a drink and, as usual, I was too busy faffing around to get myself ready properly, so by the time we had to go, all I had actuallymanaged was tochange out of my free runs(didn’t want to take the mickey, see commuters uniform for moreabout that)into some appropriatelychic heels. With le boy impatiently stamping his foot at the door, I grabbed the nearest coat to hand. Turned out it wasn’t mine, but what the hell, oversized is big at the moment and it’s not like you can go wrong with a navypea coatanyway. Just goes to show, masculine tailoring is the way forward. Also,in the name ofinnovative sartorialism (though ironically one could hardly look more classic than I do here), it’sobviouslybest not to plan ahead. Moment captured. Lesson learned. Amen.

I’m wearing my boyfriend’s pea coat (similar here), a number tee by Zara, skinny jeans by Topshop and cut-out pumps by Zara (old, but similar here and here).