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Baggy leatherThursday, November 8 2012

Baggy leather trousers Mango

Baggy leather trousers by Mango – get here

Those who follow me on Instagram (ID: Camtyox) already got a sneaky #FromwhereIstand preview, but I thought I would make it official, seeing as I have gone on about it enough.. After talking about it, writing about it, and obsessing over it, the search is over. I have finally found a budget-friendly alternative to this season’s rising star: the XXL leather pant. Just in time you might say, as Columbineposted a tutorial only a few days ago featuring them, thus providing us with plenty of inspirational ways to style. Plus my good friend Soraya wore them last week in a very preppy chic sorta way, which takes the trend to a whole other level if you ask me. The possibilities are endless. Folks, I’m excited!