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Beanie happeningsTuesday, November 20 2012


(From left: Isabel Marant mustard beanie, ACNE wool beanie, Stella McCartney chunky beanie and A.P.C. ribbed beanie.)

Will you people judge me if I admit to contemplating dropping 50 + of my hard earned dollars on a measly beanie (fierce edit though, right?)? Well, speak up now or forever hold your peace, as this is about to happen..

  • dear i think you've spent much more money for other things so nobody will judge you at all ♥

  • I won't judge you, you decide in what you would like to invest your money in. But H&M and co. have pretty OK beanies in the men's department if you ask me. I just don't find the whole thing worth it because nobody will see the difference in a beanie even if you get it in a flea market! x

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  • I want the black one!

  • Si je dois donner "mon avis vrai à moi propre", je ne pourrais pas mettre autant dans un bonnet (tout en admettant que ceux ci sont un appel au cocooning et à la chaleur). En effet comme dit Laura, il y a tout type de bonnet largement acceptables chez l'homme H&M (ou ailleurs) la qualité équivalant le prix, mais au moins la durée d'un hiver.
    Ne préfères-tu pas garder tout ces pouds pour une bonne pièce qui vaille plus le coup?


  • Nice! I especially love the black and white beanies!

  • I love beanies!!! nice selection…xo, Alma

  • I like wearing beanies in winter, but I love changing colors and I lose them quite easily or they get little holes from getting stuck in my bag. So I would never spend more than 50 euros on them… I think 30 euros would be my maximum. Maybe a scarf or a real hat is a better investment ?
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  • I recently dropped 50+ on an Acne beanie and it was the best decision ever made. The mohair is so soft and warm, it doesn't even give me hat hair!

    I say go for it!

  • I will judge… and I may be a little jealous.

    If you love it then I always think it's worth it 🙂

    I just got a far more budget friendly beanie today – it's in my post today –

    ♥ Thankfifi

  • Je pense sincèrement que mettre autant d'argent dans un bonnet est ridicule. Surtout que ceux ci ne sont pas particulierement beaux. Apres si t'as reellement un coup de coeur achete les sinon tu seras frustree 🙂

    • ça c'est du commentaire! merci constance 🙂 x

  • So which one did you get?!

  • hmmm, I paid 35,- eur last month on the COS cashmere one. I think that work out about the same as 50 dolars, right. But I LOVE cashmere!