Camille Over the Rainbow

Highs and lowsMonday, November 26 2012

Camille Over the Rainbow - Carin Wester knee-high bootsCamille Over the Rainbow - zara mini skirt with front pleatingCamille Over the Rainbow - mini skirt and knee-high bootsCamille over the Rainbow - zara cutout skirtCamille over the Rainbow - zara knee-high boots


It is my plight in life that my sartorial guises be misinterpreted by those around me. Case in point, this season’s latest: I think I’m channeling Givenchy FW12. The commuter see Pretty Woman circa 1990.. Sure I haven’t made my situation any easier byinsistingon teaming my highest boots with the shortest mini I own, but I like to live on the (w)edge. My answer to avoid the stink eye? Pitch black tights. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: they are the perfect counter-argument to any ‘Viv-about-to-screw-Gere’ unspoken thoughts directed my way by those who are not in the know about the return of the knee-high. Spread the word.

I’m wearing a Carin Wester bomber jacket, a Topshop knit from last season (similar here or here), a Zara mini skirt and high boots(channelingthose Givenchy‘s) and a Dior ring.