Camille Over the Rainbow

Mysteriously alluringWednesday, November 28 2012

Masculine chic

(From top left: Maison Michel navy fedora(budget version here), tag bracelet by Nicholas, oversized coat by Topshop Boutique, velvet skinny jeans by Mih Jeans, 3.1 Phillip Lim Delia booties(more sizes here), and T by Alexander Wang slouchy top).

It’s taken me a while tosoakin the new back-to-the-60s Saint Laurent aesthetic (let’s skip the whole crossed-out-Y-slash-paste-on-Paris fuss – I think by now we all get the gist). Not that he is the ringleader of the current millinery-obsessed movement taking over the fashion world .. We saw fedoras at Armani and Guccilast season already, along with every other topper imaginableelsewhere, remember? So why is that Hedi is the one making me want to jump onto the hat-wagon? Is it the mysterious allure of his pared-down rock-chic silhouettes that has finally got to me? I couldn’t say. All I know is that I’m ready to rock a wide-brim, and do it the ultra-slim(ane) way – though granted this his more Dior Homme back then than Saint Laurent right now. Less sparkly sequins, frilly ruffles, fancy bows and boho fringes. As much as I like to explore new horizons, I’m not ready to turn into Rachel Zoe just yet. So instead, skintight velvet, pointy booties and a man sized coat to through over your shoulders and hide under til Spring returns. Let’s do it.