Camille Over the Rainbow

POETS dayFriday, November 9 2012


(From left: Sophie Hulme navy parka(budget version here), Celine pilotaviators, Chloé snake ring,Ralph Lauren tartan scarf, Isabel Marant Betty sneakers(more sizes here), Freda leather leggings,Diane Von Furstenberg turtle neck(similar here) all at Matches)

Just because it’s POETS day (I urge you to run this through UrbanDictionaryif you are looking to expand your pre-weekend lexicon – there is only so many times a person can use TGIF without sounding like a city lad out on the lash) and because YES WE CAN is official for the next four years to come, I thought it might be nice to conjure up the ever therapeutic outfit collage before the clock strikes 6 and we all get to go home for a few days of respite. Such doings would normally quench my sartorial thirst and keep the fashion fuel up until the next time I actually show up dressed on here (though you might be surprised to learn that I do wear clothes pretty much everyday – that is including when the blog is not featuring yourstruly). This time, however, I fear I might have been beaten at my own game. Bringing to life a theme more palpable than ever as the time draws nearer, please behold my imaginary weekend get-up (above).

Now, what is interesting here [besides the fact that the word get-up is henceforth banned from this cyber space for reasons of overuse] is that instead of craving one-of-a-kind(ish), original pieces, I seem to have set my heart on the most basic of basic wardrobe staples.. Now do you get it? Basically all that I have achieved with this edit is to highlight, before the rest of the world and my poor self, the bare necessities that are missing in my life. To cut a long story short: navy parka(French girl winter uniform),blackleather turtleneck (Celine-inspired bla bla bla, you know the drill), aviator shades(every teenager on the planet owns a pair, how is it that I don’t?), tartan scarf (generally easier to buy one for the man in your life – dad/boyfriend/brother/dog – and then ‘borrow’), andleather trousers(sexy, but notexplicitlyso – especially worn like this). Miraculously, I own enough fashion kicks to keep me going for a least half a dozen marathons. In the meantime, could someone please tell me what I’m possibly going to be able to throw on this weekend?