Camille Over the Rainbow

Wildcats 1978Saturday, November 10 2012



Clearly not what I’m wearing right now given the appalling weather we are currently enjoying on this side of the pond, but rather a re-enactment of yesterday’s Friday night special. I tend not to dress up, even when I’m going out. Rather, I just add a pair of feminine pumps to an otherwise casual look. Mind you, the skirt does have a pretty dangerous slit, so I guess in this case I didn’t actually have much choice but to tone down the ensemble with a boyish watch and logo sweatshirt.

I’m wearing a Gina Tricot sweatshirt (even cooler option here), an old H&M trend leather pencil skirt, and Mango wedges. The watch is Triwa, the bracelets are Van Rycke and the polish is Chanel ‘Black Satin’.