Camille Over the Rainbow

HardwareSaturday, December 15 2012

Camille over the Rainbow - hardwareCamille over the Rainbow - hardwareCamille over the Rainbow -  Acne shiloh clutchCamille over the Rainbow - Karen Walker sunglasses


It’s the weekend, so what does the fashion blogger do? She takes her new clutch out for a stroll, naturally. The harware chain, which is what drew me to this otherwise sleek piece, is even cooler than anticipated, and quite fun to play around with in terms of styling. I also pulled out from the trenches of my closet an old pair of one teaspoon jeans that have never yet graced these pages. What dya think?

I’m wearing One Teaspoon distressed jeans, a Zara blazer and a Maje tee. The pumps are Mango, the belt is Diesel and the clutch is Acne.