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Knuckle dustersTuesday, December 18 2012

(Ph/ Balenciaga SS13 via

Speaking of which, here they are in full frontal golden glory – the prettiest knuckle dusters on the block ! My undying love for all things touched by Nicolas Ghesquière reached newheightswhen those graphic flamenco-esque ruffles sauntered down the runway that turned out to be his Balenciaga finale.. I would even be prepared to bare a littlecleavage,something you know by now is very low on my list of sartorial priorities, if only I could slip into one of those sensual bralets – and just as long as I’m also provided with the matching high-waistedtailored pants.*Anyways,I’m on the edge of my seat, all opposable limbs crossed, waiting day in and day out, hoping to hear the groundbreaking news of an eponymous line.. Til then, I better start saving, as I’m guessing these might cost me a gold tooth or two.

*Disclaimer: PPR not liable for any sexualharassmentclaims filed within fashionista-populated offices across the world – dressresponsiblyetc.. (for more, see: knuckle duster.)

  • they look awesome! xo, Alma

  • incredible

    ♥ Thankfifi

  • LOVE this rings

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

  • love it!

  • They look great, not sure I could pull it off at uni though, haha!

  • Oh damn, these are so perfect. me want!
    xo Charlotte


  • Those are pretty incredible. Wow.


  • Today on my blog a post about one of your looks!

    ♥ ZARA is the new black

  • These are gorgeous!

  • Anonymous

    What is this "dress responsibly" bullshit and "sexual harrassment" bullshit?? Do you want to say that it's women that don't dress "responsibly" (according to your standards)are due to be sexually harrassed and that it has something to do with their CLOTHES (of course, not with men)?
    Wow, what a step back in feminism and I won't even mention victim-blaming.
    SO disappointed, I really liked your blog.

  • Ou la la you may have to put your 2nd degree hat on as, erm, well it's a joke innit. An before you tell me some things cannot be joked about, you might wanna know more about my personal life because as it so happens I know a thing or too about sexual harrassment in the office. Have a nice day Anonymous.

    • Anonymous

      Well because you KNOW about it, you should know it's a bad joke and I personally don't find the joke funny at all, sorry.
      I'm not all about PC, but when it hits too close to home everything stops being funny, especially with the sexualizing of women's clothing (something I have absolutely nothing against) and the perception of it among SOME men. Comments like these, even if they are a "joke", encourage these wrong perceptions.

    • First of all, sorry about the typo, that was meant to read a thing or two – not too, obviously.

      Secondly, I suggest you dig up The Sunday Time's June 2012 edition, in which I speak out loud about the sexual harassment I was subject to while working in my previous job, in finance. I know all about it, thank you very much, and to me, it is ok to joke about.

      And just to set the record straight, while I do think women should be 'allowed' to wear what they want, I also think certain things are not for the office. And a Balenciaga bralet is one of them. In the same way that I wouldn't want a male colleague to wear tiny shorts that let his bullocks hang out. No double standards there.

    • Anonymous

      Well,thanks for the reply.

    • and (genuinely) thank you for saying what you feel. Though a proper signature instead of capital-A anonymous would have been nicer to deal with. I totally respect your opinion. We will just have to agree to disagree 🙂
      Camille x

  • I actually have been staring at this picture for the complete past week, such a beautiful image…



  • love the rings! they are flipping amazing!

  • Love this 🙂


  • Wow, love!!