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Trend report // FrayedWednesday, December 12 2012

Celine SS13 - Frayed-to-perfection

(Ph/Celine SS13 via

The Queen of put together is letting her hair down! And I’m not just talking about the new slouchier, more relaxed silhouette that Phoebe Philo sent down the runway this season (not tomention her giving shower shoes a free pass to join our polished wardrobes).

To call the new Celine womendisheveledwould be an overstatement, but Maître Philo seems to have taken a leaf out of the book written by House of Margiela all those years ago, and is giving deconstruction a go. Ok maybe not deconstruction per se, but clean cut minimalism no longer rules her runway.. Word on the street? Unfinished. Frayed-to-perfection. And we all know how I like my denim, so joining the ranks won’t be an issue. Let’s be honest though, it was never going to be. Phoebe says. I follow.