Camille Over the Rainbow

Haute WinterTuesday, January 15 2013

Haute Winter

(From top left: Topshop breton top,Ruby & Edfaux-fur coat, Joseph leather leggings, Nike blazer sneakers,Sophie Hulmeboxytoteand Cutler and Grosssunnies)

Instead of wishing that Winter had skipped town, I have a better plan : this year, I shall bear the unforgiving seasonal temperatures with sartorial gusto. By which I (unequivocally) mean indulging in many a make-believe outfit collage ofsuper-soft, skin-tight leather leggings and fluffy fur coats, pretending that this is how I look in the cold (and obviously not like the Michelin Man’s long lost cousin). And keep this up until Spring comes knocking. Unless .. real life just got an upgrade, and I actually forsake a limb or two (arm and leg are generally the given here) in a bid to own a pair of them badass’ pants. Oops. More on that soon.