Camille Over the Rainbow

Takes one to know oneWednesday, January 16 2013

Camille over the RainbowCamille over the RainbowCamille over the RainbowCamille over the RainbowCamille over the Rainbow


You might wonder whether a seemingly moth-eaten tee and faded ripped-up denim worn as an ensemble is taking the whole distressed-to-perfection theme a little too far. You might be right. Certainly ‘the commuter’, our benchmark for measuring how well our fashion stances translate to the real world (see: Givenchy vs Pretty Woman), will see it for what it really is : silly money spent on bits that look like they have gone to war and barely made it back. Aka wholy shit. But you know, once a junkie, always a junkie. So before you start lecturing me re. the fine line between overcool and overkill, let me just tell you this, ô cyber-friend of mine : takes one to know one. Plus, let’s face it, I’m sure Emmanuelle would approve. I rest my case.

I’m wearing Current Elliot jeans (try here and here), an Iro distressed tee, a Maje leather bikerand the coolest plexi heels by Zara Studio. The bag is Celine, the silverware by Cos and the watch is DKNY.