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Baby it's cold outside – Max Mara FW13Monday, February 25 2013

Max Mara FW13 / Great coats

(Ph/Max Mara Fall-Winter 2013 via

“Look Ma, no arms!”

I have potentiallyuncoveredthe only instance in which ‘caping’ is socially acceptable (if you are not a superhero, that is). You wouldn’t believe the number of show dwellers who come rain or snow choose to effortfully drape their jacket by way of looking effortless. I’m so bored of the drape right now. Sure it looks good, but when a styling trick becomes as overexposed a trend as a bad runway copy taking over the highstreet, then that’s your cue to try something new.

Have a break, people, have a kit kat.

Except if you are Max Mara. Unlike Nicole Phelps, I never grow tired of strong, mille-feuille layering. Granted, the girls were probably carrying their own weight worth in outerwear, but that is not to say the silhouettes looked unpleasantly heavy. In fact, given the big chill that hit Milan, I’m sure most of the FROW-ers wished they could swap their ownaccoutrementsfor supersizedspun alpaca.

And the draping? Well, the way I see it, when you are layering over garments so thick and snug that getting one’s arm through coat sleeve becomes an Olympic sport in its own right, then you can just about get away with such affectednonchalance.

You will no doubt appreciate the irony of these observations when I share my next look du jour, which may or may not have me running around London in a geometric coat (perfectly?) balanced over my shoulders. Hey pot, this is kettle, you’re black. See ya.