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The MakersSaturday, February 16 2013

Maison Triumph Pop-up Store - The Makers

Maison Triumph Pop-up Store - The MakersMaison Triumph Pop-up Store - The Makers

(Ph/Adam Kaniowski and Alice)

I try to not bore you with the parade of blog-related events I attend throughout the year, but the Maison Triumph pop-up store launch kicking off London Fashion Week was such a hoot, I really wanted to share. Given my self-confessed aversion to anythingremotelygirly, you might be surprised to hear that I do actually like my intimatesladen with lace. Enter the exquisite lingerie house, one of the few to still craft by hand. The brand has teamed up with some of Britain’s greatest to create unique underpinnings, that you can come and ogle at for yourself, if you need a stylish break from all the fashion related madness. Matthew Williamson’s red beauty gets my vote. If you have been paying attention, I’m sure you know why..
The pop-up store is open til monday 18th – 7 Monmouth Street, Covent Garden.