Camille Over the Rainbow

Alt-ittudeMonday, March 25 2013

Camille over the Rainbow / Alt-ittude

Camille over the Rainbow / non-marital band rings a la Balenciga

Camille over the Rainbow / Alt-ittude


Needless to say, the topic ofFrench dressinghas been used and abused on this side of the rainbow. I feel it would almost be an insult to your eardrums to use my getup of the day as an excuse to ramble on yet again about simplicity and effortlessness. But what else am I suppose to talk about when the sartorial ingredientsa la cartetoday serve to nourish those very clichรฉs?

Also, let’s be honest here, there is no hope on earth I’m letting that pun go to waste.

Alt-ittude is it then.

Read it as mechannelingthe Emmanuelle, with an attitude to match (see: gueststar appearance of 3G tactile device) or as an haute variation on the usual uniform of sorts (hellosilk blouse-I’m a grown up now, see!). At the end of the day, we all know why we are here. Unless you only come in the hope that I might be high on print or colour for a change? Or was the title a dead give away? Does it matter? Are you even reading this? Pray if you are, do give us a shout!

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