Camille Over the Rainbow

Man-upWednesday, March 27 2013

(Ph/Zanita Morgan)

We talked about it, so don’t pretend you didn’t see this coming. Back then it was the future, but don’t you know, the future is here! And just as we predicted, it comes clad in a wave of asymmetrical stuff. So in the interest of diversity – a cause we are all comfortable rallying behind, I’m sure, here is the very skirtwe last saw dressed down to the max in a boy’s tee that does not de facto belong to a boy,all grown up and bringing sexy back (Justin, if you are reading this, that’s your cue!).

Shocking I know. Too much effortless babble, and this is what you get.

The dangerous neckline of the soft silk blouse, together with the sensual side-slit on a mission to give Angelina’s right thigh a run for its money and the sky-high pumps make for a pretty risqué daytime stance. But YOLO, people. And if living in Britain has tought me anything at all, it’s that a/ it’s ok to bear a little leg, even – what am I saying – especially when the elements are against you; b/ there’s only so many times you can turn up looking like you have just rolled out of bed. This is not Paris people; and c/ just man up already, step away from the distressed denim and wear a blimin’ skirt!

Also, add a splash of playful print in the form of a boyish bomber jacket to set the balance straight. Per usual, we don’t wanna be looking too polished now, do we? The label reads French by the way, so you might just get away with it on the other side of the pond, too. Have fun!

I’m wearing: Iro bomber jacket at My-Wardrobe – Vince silk blouseat My-Wardrobe – Elin Kling x Marciano leather skirt – Stella McCartney pumps – Lommé chain bag(stolen off Marie)