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Birkies and friendsWednesday, May 15 2013

Birkies and friends

(From top left, clockwise: Zara, Celine, Adidas, Birkenstock, Zara, Geox; central picture: Celine SS13 via

So while we are on the subject of high fashion oddballs, I thought we might take a minute to reflect on the dweeb sandal that is taking over our stylish world. The Geox rendition featured in last night’s write-up is but one examplification in a long line of strappy, almost orthopedic-looking flats that have been popping-up in the summer pages of our favourite glossies.

Cut a long story short, shower shoes are in, end of. Now I could leave it at that, but the therapist says that communication is key to a happy relationship, so let’s talk.

Before theblinded by the labelbla blacomes flying, hear me out. Granted, most of us wouldn’t have looked twice at this idea had it not been formulated by the Queen of easy chic. Granted also, the Celine furkenstock is hardly the ideal hot-weather shoe. The sight of it alone triggers my feet to go into sweat mode (sh*t just got real). My future summer-self wouldn’t forgive me for going down that road. Come to think of it, neither would the Bank Manager or the Significant Other.

Call me crazy if you must, but after studying many aneditorial, a few lookbooksand a treasured oldie, I have come to the conclusion that theseglorifiedshower shoes are in fact the best way to add a large dollop of slouch to all the off-duty suiting we are expected to indulge in this season. Tux ‘n pumps might look killer in theboardroom,but need a little edge if they are to crossover to everyday life.

Fortunately for all parties involved, we’ve got options and they are good. Pictured above, you’ll find my top picks. Birkenstock and friends must literally be dancing around the table praising the day Phoebe sent that shoe down the runway.

Your turn now. And remember, this is a judgment-free zone. Fire away.


  • little bit horrible but in kind of way freakin' amazing and cool !!! so ugly up to beautiful

  • No sorry, I really don't like them

  • Mmmm… We don't like them, but it depends the style 😉


  • I've never had a problem with them, and I still don't.

    Probably because I'm from the US's midwest regions, but they just don't seem all that hideous to me.

    Great great great post. You seriously did your research, especially in digging up that old Kate shoot. Fantastic.


  • I never thought I would say that, but I really love birk with big wool socks! So maybe I'll do without it for summer, let's see!

  • J'avoue à première vue c'est chaud, j'imagine bien la tête de ma boulangère si je débarque avec des tongs en fourrure !
    Cela dit je suis d'accord avec toi, elles ont un côté assez cool. Reste à trouver comment les associer, ça promet d'être fun!

  • The top left ones from Zara are actually pretty cool!

  • Tout à fait d'accord avec toi! Mais bon je ne sais pas si j'oserais porter ça!

    Carly's Closet

  • MMMmmm… No thanks ! but I totally respect people thinking differently… 🙂

    Check out my new outfit post :

  • Love the first left ones from zara!

  • I'm thinking Yeti feet or Grandpa wearing socks in his orthopedic sandals… My eyes are bleeding! Wouldn't been seen dead wearing them! I have the same feeling when I see espadrilles or clogs! And believe me, I like birks and Uggs, but those…
    Mind you, I did see a pretty good pair of spa sandals at Caudalie, but hey, that was Caudalie! You had the matching robe to wear them with. Ever been there?

  • I like Birkies at home as a comfy item and in my garden, but I;m still not sure of them as a fashion statement…Especially the 'with socks' look is way too much for me right now! xx

  • Vi

    I would consider… But in Russia a very particular category of people have been wearing them for decades… as home slippers… I pass.

  • I never have or ever will desire a pair of Birkenstocks or anything that resembles them regardless of 'label' or price. I can however see and appreciate how they look on models in an editorial sense the Bassike s/s13 lookbook almost had me reconsidering my views on these shoes

  • Sorry Camille , they just arent elegante enough for my feet. I dont think they are sophisticaded even for the pool! I dont wear flip flops and wont be wearing these elephant sandals this Summer.
    Like the first ones from Zara , but its as far as I can go .
    Love your blog

    Diana P

  • Love. I wear my white birks with a lot of things. When I first purchased them, I was having flash backs to junior high, but they look good. People will come around. I give them a few years, and they will be in.