Camille Over the Rainbow

Busy crossingsThursday, May 23 2013

(Ph. Danielle Bernstein)

Thehustleandbustle of the city proved the perfect backdrop for my loud zebra-crossing print pants that I pinched fromTibi‘shead office when I visited last month. Sadly, the insider tour I was planning on giving you, to show off their swankydigs as well as share my top picks for the new season, was quashed when the oldiPhonegot taken (cue dramatic music), leaving me with a lump in my throat, a dent in my bank account and absolutely no data to speak of (no I don’t back up, ok? You can call me Carrie 2.0).The grieving process is taking longer than anticipated as I keep remembering all thepriceless things I had saved on there. Hopefully I’ve learned my lesson (by which I obviously mean I absolutely have not – that ‘sign up to the Cloud’ e-mail is still waiting to beacknowledged).

Anyway, this is to be the last urban post for a while, as I’v finally made it tomy beautiful home-for-the-weekin Bali. Really looking forward to taking it easy for the next few days and putting my feet up (which doesn’t excludeslipping into the odd pair of killer heels).Be sure to follow me on Instagram, though – you can take the girl out of the city, but you can’t take the over-zealous sharer out of the girl.

So far, so good: we’ve gotpre-boarding vertigo, city goodbyes, and midnight feasts. And the party is just getting started people. The guest list is wide open, just remember to BYOB!

I’m wearing: Tibi pants, jacket and fluffy knit – Pied à Terre loafers(more sizes here) – Celine tote – Karen Walker shades