Camille Over the Rainbow

Déjà vuThursday, May 2 2013

(Ph/Jessie Bush – editing by me)

The whiteout is almost as used and abused a topic on this side of the rainbow than that of effortless dressing. Granted, though, the two are hardly conceptual bedfellows. In fact, one might be inclined to argue that she who steps out of the house clad in a sea of white is taking a stance against effortlessness. And if effortlessness was a religion, then my blasphemer credentials would be pretty high.

I will tell you this though. After Stella made a very valid point pertaining to the ‘meant-to-be’ nature of White and Holographic, my exploration of new season territory was never going to feel exhaustive until I had given the resort silhouette a go. So I did.

And you know what? It makes the effortless times all the moreenjoyable.

I’m wearing: H&M trend top and clutch – Mango white wedges and palazzo pants – Dior bracelet