Camille Over the Rainbow

Exuberant whitesFriday, May 31 2013

The Luxe Nomade Gusset Celine Cosmo Paris

(Ph. Margaret Zhang)

There was always going to be a whiteout.

You knew it, I knew it, I’m sure even the Luxe Nomad knew it after we started our to and fro e-mails, wild with excitement in anticipation of our stay at The Balé, which seemed to encompass all I ever crave both on and off duty: exuberant minimalism.

The way I see it, white is the best way to make a statement while remaining excessively simple in the execution. The rule works for clothes, architecture, interior, nails. You name it, white brings it.

And I was right. Our pool-cooled, frangipani-decked private villa, surrounded by white walls opening up onto a maze of more white, holistic courtyards and tiered infinitypools, goes back to the heart of the concept of understated lux. Just like the Céline tote I treated myself to just before leaving, gloriously simple, and all the more chic for it.

Consider the sartorial facts.

Loose fit, billowing pants (the tame little sister of these loud guys here) – the classic holiday staple; a clean white top with pretty ruffled sleeves – a passing nod to Givenchy and friends (Chloé, Balenciaga, Gucci…) to give the simple getup a new season edge; leopard flats – a conversation starter for all fashion fanatics. And that tote. See, simple.

Now, back to bikini life. Did I tell you today’s is by Zimmerman, also ruffled and, erm, white? Go figure.

I’m wearing: H&M ruffle sleeve top and loose fit pants (try here or here) – Cosmo Paris sandals (similarhere, I also love these) – Celine tote and sunglasses -Jennifer ZeunerbarandcrossnecklacesatThe Balé(booked viaThe Luxe Nomad)