Camille Over the Rainbow

Head-to-toeWednesday, May 8 2013

Givenchy Obsedia New icons

Stripes shirt new icons jacket

Camille over the Rainbow New Icons jacket

Pied a Terre loafers Givenchy bag

Camille over the Rainbow draped jacket

Patent loafers Pied A Terre

Coated jeans and biker jacketNotting Hill Camille over the Rainbow

Givenchy Obsedia DKNY Watch New icons jacket

(Ph/Sandra Hagelstam)

I do believe it’s considered both tacky and dreary to dress in one label from head-to-toe. One would hope this only goes for designer-wear, though, as the high street is my pretty much my BFF. In fact, the Trend line is one of the main ingredients I like to inject into my daily looks. Is it not pleasing to know that one can achieve sartorial happiness without having to sell a limb – or the skin of your butt, as the French so politely put it? That’s the mother of all rhetoricalquestion – but do feel free to answer all the same.

On a side note, it feelsexhilaratingto be back to weather-induced draping. On and off as the clouds play hide and seek with the sun can only be a good thing. See all these happy thoughts? Spring can take all the credit.

I’m wearing: H&M shirt(or here), jacket, coated jeans, belt and rings – Pied ร  Terre loafers(alternative here)– Givenchy Obsediabag – DKNY watch – Karen Walker sunnies