Camille Over the Rainbow

London rebornFriday, May 17 2013

(Ph/Sandra Hagelstam)

When Nike asked me to create a pair of ID‘s to match my City capital C, my immediate thoughts went to our flag. As flags go, the Union Jake really is quite the stylish emblem, with its layered crosses in red, white and blue. Have incidentally always found it very convenient that my other flag uses the same colour palette. Makes buying patriotic clothes all the more easy. But let’s not get into that today.

Now, I like my flag as much as the next merry Brit. But red, white and blue strike me as being a tad old school, don’t you think? It got me thinking. If we the people were to create a new flag today (let’s assume for argument sake that the task would not be left to a boring tight circle of 50-something politicians), would we not want it to match our newfound obsession with garish tones and neon accents? Yes we would.

Also, the purple matches the wisteria on my street. Plus electric orange is Harry’s favourite colour. Hashtag fit for a royal! Don’t quote me on that, tough.

So there you go London, here are your new (post-modern) colours. This is what you would had you been born in 2013. Do with it what you will, but I think you look banging. In fact, I may write to Downing Street. And given all my troubles, the least you could do would be to turn the heating up a notch.All this layering in May is making us want to leave you for a more exotic island. Not that we ever would, dear London.

I’m wearing: Zara coat – H&M fluffy cardi – ACNE Collage tee – Paige denim pants – Nike ID free runs via Fashiolista – Jennifer Zeuner necklace