Camille Over the Rainbow

Over-easySunday, May 12 2013

(Ph/Julia Mas)

How do you take your Sundays? I like mine over-easy. From my photogenic plate of eggs, that I tragically forgot to immortalize (hash tag insta fail), to my no-sweat get-up-and-go formula featuring all English sneaks, ankle grazing denim and the 90s tie that is currently sweeping the blogosphere (I blame Margaret and her refusal to wear plaid in any other way but round her waist), to my unkept locks swept up into the messiest of poneys, I kept things low key.

Realism, offered to you on a plate, with a side order of swag if you please.

I would rejoice at this sudden resurgence of grunge in the industry, but fear this particular manifestation is headed the same way as the drape. First come the cool kids (rappers, editors, Leandra Medine), then a blogger or two, and next thing you know, the whole Kardashian klan is prancing around town with an oversized garment wrapped round their million dollar body. Kardashian land is where trends go to die, so it might be worth checking where we stand on this one before embracing it with open arms (pun not intended). Google is the worst gossip, chat to him, he’ll have the scoop. From what I gather, current status: one half is at it, the other heavily pregnant.

By my calculations, that gives us about a month – if that.
Enjoy it while it lasts, just make sure you take back those awful things you said about Slimane before doing so.

I’m wearing: MIH jeans – Sézane sweatshirt – COS breton tee – New Balance sneakersACNE bag (similar here) – DKNY watch – Jimmy Choo sunnies