Camille Over the Rainbow

Palm trees and blue seasFriday, May 24 2013

Bali, Geger Beach

Camille over the Rainbow Bali Geger Beach

Camille over the Rainbow Bali Geger Beach

(Ph. Margaret Zhang and me)

Knock Knock.Who’s there? Friday. Friday who?

Yup, the news would normally warrant some serious TGIF-ing on this side of the rainbow, but all I know for sure is that today is Bali O’ Clock, and that, my friends, is all that matters right now. Apparently it has taken barely twenty-four hours for my London-doom-and-gloom self to reincarnate as one of those obnoxiousholidayers to whom days, seasons and schedules are but a distant memory.

Also, jet lag never happened, and am currently sipping mocktails/befriending stray dogs whilst casually leaning against the backdrop of theBalinesejungle. Hate me if you will, I’m too busysoakingup all the vitamin D to notice. Hash tag the life.

And what a life. If only my pasty British skin was not here to represent. You can go back to your own Island buddy, your presence is no longer required. Getting my tan on is part of the game you know. Stop fighting it. Bali shall prevail.

Truth be told, paradise is an understatement when it comes to the soothing surroundings provided byThe Balé. And if you think the private beach here is a sight for the eye, wait til I get you properly acquainted with theblissfullysleekpavilions where we have been staying. Marg and I kept each other busy shooting the day away (sort of). Tomorrow.

In this post: Samudra pouch(more styles here)– H&M bandeau bikini at The Balé, Geger Beach(booked via The Luxe Nomad)