Camille Over the Rainbow

Holographic heatMonday, May 27 2013

MLM Lace booties

(Ph. Margaret Zhang)

Branded soda in hand, smile at the ready and layers stripped-down to the minimum: the Bali chronicles start here.

And though the first thing I pulled out of my summer suitcase was a steamy selection of hot-weather blacks (London habits are like a second skin), Margaret came to the rescue with a wide array of matching holographic accoutrements to brighten the mood. Happy accessories that mirror the blazing Balinese sun.

To which you might retort, why bother with the extra inches if life out there is as hot and sweaty as your overbearing Instagrams make it out to be? A fair point if you thought the heels made the journey all the way from home. But you would be wrong. Marg is not just generous when it comes to sharing her summer essentials, she is also a pretty nifty shoe mule.

When I fall in love with something overseas you see, the thought of custom duties and long haul deliveries is enough to put me off. Non merci. Call it economic patriotism, but I would rather spend more on the homeland than run around the (cyber)world, shipping overpriced goodies to myself from here, there and everywhere. But some things are meant to be. And when the girls we love to hate set up shop, first thing I did was call up my dealer and ask that she deliver the goods straight to my poolside villa in Bali. No fuss, no extras.

High five to the team: they fit! And look kick-ass hot, too.


I’m wearing: ASOS t-shirt – Maje leather shorts – MLMlace boots– Jennifer Zeuner bar and cross necklaces – Cara & Co holographic bag– Westward Leaning sunglassesatThe Balé(booked viaThe Luxe Nomad)