Camille Over the Rainbow

The worthy dressMonday, May 6 2013

(Ph/Zanita Morgan)

This well and truly started off as a tirade regarding my less-than-fervent affinity for the dress. But I caught myself just in time. And before you accuse me of doing exactly that (who doesn’t enjoy a little apophasis now and then), do hear me out.

Ok here goes. Why all the negativity? Why does the conversation always have to revolve around the bad, only to make the catch of the day more appealing? I feel like this is something most of us are guilty of. So while I would normally sell myself as allergic to the type of garment featured in today’s story, dubbing the dress too girlish and obvious for the likes of me, with a last minute, predictable twist of the rom-com sort (“O beautiful little Sportmax number, how I love you etc…”), today I shall go about it differently.

Instead, I will confess to the following: I do wear dresses – sporadically (hands up if you too learned that word in Clueless), that may be so – but often enough to make them a regular member of the COTR sartorial cast.

What makes a dress worthy of my time? Well, and try to not act too dumbfounded here, it has to be sexy, but in a soft, understated way. Bodycons and clingy minis, always a no-go. Boxy shapes short enough to show a little pin, deep-V necks in an interesting texture or print, leather everything, on the other hand, yes yes yes.

And the above, with it’s unconventional stripes, sheer panels, and silky fabric, ticked all the boxes. Plus with Zanita at hand to capture the moment, the whole ordeal was a no-brainer.

Now you know.

I’m wearing: Sportmax dress – Phillip Lim clutch – Stella McCartney pumps