Camille Over the Rainbow

Voguette footwearFriday, May 3 2013

Camille over the Rainbow - On the go

(Ph/Luke Baker)

And speaking of Emmanuelle, I can’t help but pat myself on the back for finally landing the perfect pair of ‘fashion editor booties‘- another piece of the Uniform-of-the-French-Voguette puzzle that I’ve slowly been trying to paste together these past few month. The kind of footwear that you are always bumping into over fashion month on the feet of industry’s busy-bees, as they buzz in and out of the Tuileries looking all stylish and important and stuff, but never manage to pin-down at any of the usual high-streetdispensers.

That’s because shoes like that come at a price.

That price would be my soul.

Oh yes. Well, hello pared-back, pin-thin heels in the softest suede about town!

I also wouldn’t mind a pair that could work with a warmer weather wardrobe, perhaps with a peep-toe or even (don’t pretend you didn’t know this was coming) a little cutout action. About now would be the right time to go pick-up aEuromillionticket. Go figure.

I’m wearing: Joseph leather leggings(budget version here) – ZARA blazer – And other stories knit – Jimmy Choo boots – Johnstons tartan scarf – ACNE Shilohclutch