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Channel hopping // GiveawayMonday, June 24 2013

I think we can all agree it’s no coincidenceMonday rhymes with Giveaway. What’s that? All days sound the same? Details, shmetails.

Per usual, my visual diaryperformed the opening act for what is about to come, but what my ardent tactile device photography skills failed to capture was that this was no random act of shopping madness. In fact, it was meticulously planned from the moment I found out one of my favourite brands from back home would be hopping across the Channel. Welcome to Blighty Claudie Pierlot, we are thrilled to have you! After playing around with the store locator for longer than is strictly necessary, I made the pilgrimage over to South Molton street, where I picked up this killer suit in the sale.

When time came to man-up for real and take my tailoring to the streets, I toyed with the idea of pairing it with slip-ons,as one does in 2013. But dressing as the present would have it sometimes take its toll, so in the interest of diversity, I wore it boardroom style with cleavage pumps and a peek-a-boobcami. Perhaps not so boardroom after all. How very 2013.

Anyway, that’s enough about me ‘n my haul; let’s move on to yours. I’ve teamed up with the lovely folks at Claudie (I want to call them Claudettes – but given France’s musical history, I’m not sure they would appreciate the gesture) and we are giving away two 100€ vouchers so you can go treat yourself to a few pieces too.

Rules are simple:
1. Follow this blog on Bloglovin/Facebook
2. Have a peek at Claudie Pierlot‘s site and tell me what your top pick would be in the comment box below
3. Leave your e-mail address so that I can get in touch

You have until the end of the week.
Bonne chance!

I’m wearing: Claudie Pierlot suit – H&M tank top and band rings – Zara cutout heels – Noemi Klein ribcage ring – Larsson and Jennings watch – Jennifer Zeuner necklace – Bracher Emden bag