Camille Over the Rainbow

Deconstructed summerSunday, June 30 2013

Deconstructed summer

Knock, knock /Who’s there /Summer /Summer who?

Summer, is that really you? And where are your manners, turning up so late.. You have some explaining to do old chap. We’ve been waiting for so long, look what it has come down to – deconstructed versions of what could have been for the past two months, at least. Tut, tut.

Still, your sudden resurgence shall not distract us from cross examining potential candidates for the job at hand. And because we are not the resentful type, a toast: to the end of the summer recession and the opportunity for the above out-of-work pieces to start earning their keep again. Cost per wear sometimes needs a little divine intervention from the elements if quotas are to be met. Cheers.

What I would have worn had the sun come out: Olive clothing tee – Triangl bikini top(by way of leather-look bra, obvs) – Chanel Black satin polish – H&M new icons bracelets – Noemi Klein ribcage ring – ASOS stack rings – Larsson and Jennings watch – Celine flats – Alexander Wang croc leather skirt (old season – try hereor here)