Camille Over the Rainbow

Checking inWednesday, July 24 2013

(Ph. Jessica Steuart)

Back with a pun, and a bad one at that. Just a few snaps taken last week after work, right before my Houdini-like vanishing act. As you must all be aware by now, my sudden absence across all social platforms has been due to a personal tragedy (for want of a better way of putting it). May I just say, thank you all so much for your kind words and loving thoughts. It has really meant a lot to receive such love and support from all around the world.

I am trying to ease myself back into cyberlife, but please do excuse me for not being my usual super-chatty self (this might actually come as a relief to you). Anyway, I need not worry, as you pretty much know the drill, right? Wannabe Philophile by way of orthopedic looking sandals, ever recurring play on graphic black and whites, and unexpected pop of rouge on my lips and toes. Guess I better brace myself for the wrath of the birkophobes. Be kind.

Pants: Sportmax || Top: Asos|| Shoes: Birkenstock || Necklaces: Jennifer Zeuner|| Watch: Michael Kors