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PinkTuesday, July 2 2013

Styleby #19 by Frida Marklung | Carin Wester Coat

(Ph. Styleby #19 by Frida Marklung)

Christ on a cracker, I am really into pink. The fall shows must have gotten under my skin (Celine and Carven in particular), because besides that little rose number fromStudio Nicholson,I can’t help but love these editorial shots featuring more pink coverups in the latest issue of STYLEBY magazine. There is no doubtCarin Wester‘s new season take on the parka (pictured above) would work nicely with my Winter wardrobe – and the Bottega Veneta (below) is just lovely to look at. Thoughts?

 Styleby #19 | Bottega Veneta

(Ph. Styleby #19)