Camille Over the Rainbow

Buttoned downThursday, August 15 2013

(Ph. Eva K Salvi)

I try, to the best of my ability, not to dress like the nerd that I am inside. For instance, under normal circumstances, I would never button down my blazer, preferring either to effortfully drape it, as a carefree fashion editor might as she runs from show to show (or so we like to think we are referencing, when really we are just being affected); or to shrug it over an otherwise casual getup to capture the French uniform vibe. But in doing so, I have neglected an army of possibilities, including the formal upturn as I like to call it, as pictured above. Teamed like this, with a flirty skirt and the highest heels in my life, I felt considerably hauter (/hotter?)than usual – pun not intended – despite minimal (it’s all relative in my book) skin exposure.

Blazer: Carin Wester || Swing skirt: Zara(or here) || Heels: Zara