Camille Over the Rainbow

Picking up the piecesMonday, September 16 2013

(Ph. Carola de Armas and Tommy Ton for

She blogs! Quickly throwing together a few shots I found while surfing the old web that capture what I wore on my second day at NYFW (this is going to be a mish mash when it comes to chronology) before heading off to the closing parties for LFW. Have not slept in over a week, but had the best time. I hope my mass insta-coverage has made up for my absence on this side of the rainbow. My life should soon be back to normal. Oh but wait, then comes Paris…

– pictured with my girl Danielle

Jacket: Sportmax runway || Dress: Part 2(or here) || Shoes: Zara || Bag: Elena Ghisellini || Watch: Larsson and Jennings|| Sunglasses: Karen Walker