Camille Over the Rainbow

Rockstuds and rainy day excusesTuesday, September 24 2013

(Ph. Zanita Morgan)

This is not going well, is it? Somehow trying to reconcile real life and virtual rainbowland is proving more than one rainbow dweller can muster. That said, lack of pixelated content is not the issue here, as I have a whole digital treasure-chest full of sartorial happenings to share.

What seems to be the problem then, I hear you say? What could possibly have been getting in the way?

Sleep, for one. Hadn’t tried that in a while, and turns out it’s pretty damn addictive. Setting up a new job, for two, has been another valid distraction – more on that by the end of the week (it’s exciting!). And for three, well, let’s just say that keeping on top of the sea of instant coverage from NY, London and Milan has had me clamouring for faster bandwidth on the right side of my brain. There comes a point when even the most avid fashion lover (aye aye sir) can’t get his (/her) head around the constant (live) stream of new season visuals. Hashtag currently processing.

So why don’t we leave my brain to its own devices, and examine instead what I wore the morning after LFW shut up shop. It’s a wonder heels were still fair game. Then again, when my girl Zanita is in town, everything goes. And oh, those Rockstuds

Boyfriend jeans: Zara || T-shirt: Olive Clothing || Jacket: H&M New Icons || Pumps: Valentino Rockstud || Bag: Bracher Emden || Belt: H&M || Sunnies: Celine