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Sportmax in the CityThursday, September 26 2013

Sportmax leather jacket

Sportmax leather jacket

Sportmax leather jacket

(Ph: GQ, Michael C. Dumler and Adam Katz Sinding)

Meanwhile, I’m still busy stalking myself on Google, in the vain hope of coming across pixelated proof that I was, as Instagram would have it, roaming the streets of NY last week. (Or was it the week before that?). Don’t let me digress. Point is, I made no effort whatsoever to capture the ‘what I wores‘ during my stay, as there was way too much fun to be had roaming the city without worrying about the blog (which usually materialises in the form of a clunky DSLR and a worrying addiction to the wifi).

Jackpot! The Sortmax leather bad boy (featured this time in full structural glory, with arms et al) will not go unremembered. This hard working piece deserved a proper mention, as it really is without question the most striking garment I own. Plucked straight off the runway (I’m not entirely sure this colour went into production), I still can’t believe I had the gusto to wear it as a one half of a leather duo (my bottom half, that is – not my better halfpictured above). But I did. And despite the heat, it was totally worth it. RoboCop eat your heart out.

– pictured with my girl Lainy

Jacket: Sportmax runway || T-shirt: Olive Clothing || Leggings: Joseph || Espadrilles: Celine(or try these plimsolls) || Tote: Celine ||Sunnies: Sheriff & Cherry