Camille Over the Rainbow

Made for livingWednesday, October 30 2013

(Sandra Hagelstam)

As I said before, I will wash them soon, cross my heart, it’s only that these jeans really were made for living and to be perfectly honest, I am far too idle not to take full advantage of such a nifty little trick. Plus, I’m a sucker for anything that promises perfect pins.

Meanwhile, and until I have spilled my dinner over them (thanks to present company, each sitting now seems to include the entirety of a bottle of ketchup – boys will be boys and all that; though truth be told, I’m far more concerned by the exponential risk factor thus associated with eating than upsetting my French-trained palate), my self-exploratory journey of the black jean shall continue.Lazy bones here suggests we dub this Fifty Shades of Skinzee, cuz who doesn’t like an E. L. James reference at 8 am on a Wednesday.Tis a black canvas that seems to trump even leather. Pony hair leopard? Mais oui. Textured snakeskin? Why not. Trompe l’oeil booties? Bung ’em on. The possibilities are endless, yet per usual I choose to remain as colourless and elementary as ever.

You’ve got to admire that.

Jacket: H&M ‘New Icons” ||Jeans: Diesel ‘Skinzee’viaFashiolista|| Boots: Joseph || Sweatshirt: Sandro || Watch: DKNY || Top: Diesel || Bag: Elena Ghisellini