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Art nouveauMonday, January 13 2014

Celine SS14 campaign by Juergen Teller

Celine SS14 campaign by Juergen Teller

So I think I speak for everyone when I say that I’m extremely relieved to see that in the world of Phoebe Philo,Juergen trumps Miley(this despite obvious lack of twerking skillz – though both admittedly share a penchant for awkward out-of-place nudism). Few, what a relief! I’m not sure whether I could cope with yet another pop iconas the face of one of my favourite houses(cough cough Olivier!).

What with the new raucous aesthetic, I did wonder for a minute whether the official imagery for SS14 might also forgo the usual lineupto allow for a fresh new start. A blank canvas, it certainly is – but the dream team is still the headlining act.

And what an act! Their best performance yet? Indisputably so.

It sure wasn’t love at first sight, but I take it all back. The campaign needs to be blown up and donated to the MoMa (slash my living room). My favourite shot (pictured above) features Julia Nobis photobombing her friend (so very generation 2.0) in an explosion of vivid abstract print and wearable art, as she breaks out of the set frame and away from conventional fashion boundries. A true masterpiece, in every sense of the word.

Standing ovation to you, Phoebe. As usual.