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Feminine talesTuesday, January 28 2014

Carin Wester AW14

I know it’s not polite to play favourites, but good manners are for the faint hearted, and boy does Carin Wester get my pulse racing… So here goes, the best of what Swedish fashion has to offer, in my humble opinion.

The scandinavian label brought plenty of new ideas to the table yesterday, just in time to keep the rest of my own outerwear story interesting. I mean, how are you suppose to keep your winter wardrobe photogenic (hashtag shit fashion week-ers say) when you are living out of a suitcase that can barely hold two outdoor options, and your omniscient friend the Apple device forecasts weeks worth of below zero temperatures?

Cinched waists, then, is a good place to start. After seasons of voluminous, cocoon shaped coats, it’s time to give your waistline a proper comeback. Filippa K set the tone in Berlin last week, with its Alt-inspired belted looks, but it was the white martial art waistbands that really caught my attention. What a great way to update the prevalent oversized silhouette (and so cost efficient for those like me who have already invested in a ton of XXL-wear).

Next, why not try feminine fishnet tights. Blame Hedi if you must. Though at Wester, you will find the stockings less grungy in their demanour and all the more directional when paired with the show shoes – graphic pumps in matching prints – to wonderful trompe l’oeil effect.

Last but not least, leave your knitwear at home, and opt instead for breezy lightweight fabrics – satin, silk, mesh – to accentuate this new ladylike mood.

One might argue that these are fairly optimistic ideas, the execution of which might not prove so straightforward when confronted to the harsh reality of scandi-weather. But doesn’t that make them all the more noteworthy? Only a true fashionista would think so. Wink, wink.