Camille Over the Rainbow

Tacky tallyFriday, January 3 2014

(Ph. Eva K Salvi)

I must have missed the memo. Or did I? For surely in 2014, everyone knows that black formal(ish)wear and squeaky clean tennis shoes is as big a fashion faux pas as, say, non-ironic birks. Not that I read that one either.In fact, when do I ever comply with the basic rules of good taste?

I think it all went tits up (literally so) when I first endorsed the leather bra(in a non-SM capacity might I add, much to my boyfriend of the time’s disappointment).From then on, it’s been a downward spiral of baggy trackies,crystallisedboob-tubesandlace-up leg-wear. Even my locks have taken on the distinctive shade of Essex blonde. A surprisingly hefty tacky tally amongst all this talk of effortless boyishness. And the best part is that I’ve been getting away with it. And so I hope to continue, every step of the white sneaker-clad way.

Coat: Carin Wester || Leather leggings: Joseph(budget here) || Knit: Max Mara || Shirt: Club Monaco || Sneaks: Adidas Stan Smith || Bag: Givenchy ‘Obsedia’|| Sunglasses: Ray-Ban